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Will Faerber

Will (Founder of Art2Ride) is a Master Horseman who studied extensively in Portugal with Nuno Oliveira whom he considers to be his greatest influence.  willheadshotHe has competed in Eventing, Jumping and Dressage as well as coaching his students to regional and state championships including Horse of the Year awards.  He competed on the prestigious Florida Dressage circuit for 3 years where he and his horses were consistent winners. He has been training professionally for over 40 years and was awarded his Silver Medal on a horse that was scheduled to be euthanized, it was so dangerous and unmanageable. A testament to a style of training that considers each horse an individual with different needs.

“Horses should be our partners, not our enemies yet the majority of what we see today is an adversarial relationship between horse and rider.  Regardless of which discipline you observe there seems to be a need for a return to Classical Foundation Training which is simply a system developed to gymnastically improve a horse’s ability to carry a rider and hold itself in balance.  Only when a horse has been taught to engage deeply from behind and push it’s back up under the rider can be truly balanced and at that point will it accept the rider’s aids without tension or resistance, performing on the weight of the reins.

Karen Loshbaugh

Karen (Founder of Art2Ride) has been riding since the age of eleven.  Her riding career began in the Hunter/Jumper disciplines, showing on the “A” circuit.  She currently competes at the FkarenperEI Levels in Dressage and received her Silver Medal on a green horse she trained.

“I was seeking a better way, I wanted to feel the harmony and lightness that the Classical Masters talk about. As a trainer myself, I knew I was still missing an important element to my riding.
My first clinic with Will Faerber provided that elusive element and brought my riding/training to a completely different dimension and I have been training with him since 2004.  I have learned what it takes to bring true artistry to developing a horse, physically and mentally. Developing horses using Classical Foundation Training has resulted in the harmony and lightness I was seeking, regardless if I was jumping, trail riding or schooling dressage.  What a pleasure to work with horses that are (or will become) eager and willing to work, beginning and ending in complete relaxation”.
Karen is also a Certified Saddlefit Technician who discovered the importance of proper saddlefit the hard way – by having poor fitting saddles!   “It was such a life changing moment when I saw my horse go under an appropriate saddle fitted properly.
I discovered how many behavioral and performance issues are caused by improper saddles and saddle fit and at the very least was asking my horse to perform while uncomfortable and restricted, at the very worst starting to do long term damage.”
“How unfair of us to not consider our saddles and how they fit when this is the conduit of communication between you and your horse.  If it hurts who can blame them for not listening and having anxiety about being ridden.  This understanding coupled with the training to become a professional saddlefitter has changed my relationship with my horses and the relaxation, suppleness and lightness is so much easier to achieve”.

Amber Matusek

amberjumpCurrently an Assistant Trainer with the Art2Ride training business, joining us in 2013 Amber is now a certified Foundation and Working level Associate Trainer as well as assisting in the day to day training operations and barn manager.
Amber started riding when she was 7 and lived in Africa.  She learned the basics on trails, through ambolascorn fields and up and down the river beds. As a teenager, she moved to the states and started riding hunter/jumpers. When she was 20, she went to Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center. She studied riding and teaching riding, which included philosophy on teaching, psychology on how the mind works and how people learn, how to write lesson plans, and how to break down riding to make it easier to learn. Since she graduated she has worked at facilities across the country and worked with many different kinds of horses, She met Will Faerber in 2010 at a clinic in American Canyon. “I knew I had a lot more to learn but until I met Will Faerber there wasn’t anyone that I felt was worth learning from.” She has been working with him and Karen since. She loves teaching, helping horses and people to become happier with each other and getting horses to work properly over their backs!

Associate Trainers

Tytti Vanhala

tyttipoly2fwI started riding when I was 9 years old. I was taught from the beginning the importance of balance and seat in riding. That meant that I got a nice basis without realizing it until much later in life. We (my husband shares the interest) only bought our first own horse when I was 30; we were living in Scotland at the time. We were lucky to have a good trainer who taught us if not quite classically then very close to it.
With our move to Sweden I fulfilled my long term ambition to own a Finnhorse, and we imported Usko from Finland. He was an ex-harness racer and basic trained for riding only a couple months earlier. With him I discovered Art2Ride in January 2013. I started lunging him according to the foundation training in the end of February 2013. However, it was only after I had sent my first video to Will for critiquing in August 2013 that we were properly on our way. After that there was no looking back. When Usko very sadly passed away in the end of April 2015, I was lucky to click with the only Finnhorse for sale in Sweden at the time:  5-year old Pöly came into our lives. He has been trained through the classical foundation training method ever since he came to us in the end of May 2015. You can follow both Usko’s and Pöly’s training history via the Art2Ride blog pages as well as their Youtube channel.
Horses have been my passion form a very early age, but my curiosity and analytical mind guided me to a career in science and research. I am a researcher in Genetics by training (PhD) and in this capacity I have been working with animal, plant, and insect research, mostly based on analyses of DNA and RNA. My main interest lies in conservation and population genetics, although my working background has been, and is, very broad. At the moment I am a freelance researcher and thus I have time to commit myself more to training horses and improving myself in that respect. I reside in Sweden (Uppsala region) but I am Finnish of origin, and thus can teach and advice in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

You can reach me at skottihevonen@gmail.com
I have a web page: http://www.vanhalytixhorsetraining.com/ where you can see further details.
I am based at the Nordiclights Stuteri, Lunda Mellangården, 74194 Knivsta, Sweden. http://nordiclights.se/
I am open for clients. I travel regularly also to Finland (Jyväskylä region) and can keep clinics or give lessons there about twice a year if there is interest.

Chelsea MacPhail


Chelsea grew up riding hunter/jumpers during her junior years and worked as a groom for several show barns in New England before achieving her Bachelors degree in Animal Science with a concentration in Equine Studies from the University of Maine. Upon graduation she accepted a full time position managing a Morgan farm and during which time she started several young horses under saddle. After moving several times due to her husbands military service, Chelsea is now permanently settled in the northeast. Chelsea enjoys working with a wide variety of breeds and brings the Art2Ride training philosophy to all disciplines. Patience and understanding are critical to working in partnership with our horses and Chelsea enjoys helping riders cultivate a positive training experience with their horse.

Currently accepting lesson students locally and available for clinics throughout New England.

(207) 752-7638
Based in York, Maine USA.


Anne Saari

anne-saari I have been riding since I was 7 years old and had a lot of different horses when I grew up. We did not have the money to buy expensive horses and some were only borrowed. I have been riding Shetland ponies, fjord horses, harness trotters, thoroughbreds, arabs and standardbreds. I went to several different riding schools for many years but was never taught how to actually ride. I had a break from horses a few years while doing military service and studying. I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering so that is what I do for a day job.

I found my way back to horses in the year 2000 when I bought a farm outside the city of Halmstad (in the south of Sweden) together with my partner Niclas. I have since stuck to Swedish Warmblood horses and we have been breeding in a small scale.
I did a lot of show jumping at first but got scared after a few bad falls and I started focusing on dressage instead. This time I really wanted to do things the right way and had the money myself so, I ended up paying different high level trainers a lot of money leading me in a direction that I never really wanted. I showed for a few years and won quite a few ribbons up to Advanced Medium level but I always had a bad feeling in my gut with all this pulling on the horse’s mouths and kicking them with the legs to get them to perform. When my horses started to actually just get worse from the training and one of my horses showed me something was really wrong by getting physical problems, I started to search for another way and found Art2Ride in the fall 2015. Since then everything I always felt suddenly made sense and I was now allowed, and taught how, to train horses the way I always wanted. I started training all our eight horses, from 3 to 13 years old, according to Art2Ride and they have all developed immensely.  I am aiming to start showing again in 2017 so looking forward to that. Watching horses develop through proper training is truly gratifying and I have always loved educating others so when I was invited to the Art2 Ride Associate Trainer program I did not hesitate.

I am available for training sessions and clinics and I also have horses trained according to Art2Ride available for lessons at our farm. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding my services.

Öppinge (Oppinge) Birgesdal 684
305 94 Halmstad

Phone number +46 734372163
email: anne@birgesdal.se  Website: www.birgesdal.se


Sarah Montrowl

sarahrafaelleI can’t remember a time without horses.  My mom was an international show jumper and three-day eventer and made sure horses were in my life.  At the age of 7, I started Difficult Run Pony Club, with an emphasis in combined training and hunter/jumpers.

I got my first taste of classical dressage when we moved to Vienna, Austria and saw the Spanish Riding School.  After three years of school horse riding in Austria, we returned to Virginia and I bought a 3yr old gelding-quite the learning curve!  I was lucky enough to begin my discovery of what it feels like having a horse work over its back, thanks to regular lessons with Shannon O’Malley (working student for Karen and David O’Conner).  Shortly after receiving my C-2 Pony Club rating, we moved to Berlin, where I continued to ride in a dressage program.

I found Art2Ride in 2009 and after observing the first lesson with Will and Karen I knew I was home.  This system of training holds sacred the health, harmony, and happiness of both horse and rider.  It truly teaches you a higher dialogue with your equine partner.  I’ve worked as Will’s working student and then associate trainer for the last several years and now train out of a private facility in Escondido, California.

Contact Info: sarahgmontrowl@gmail.com      858-880-6411  Facility: http://domaine-artefactwine.com/

I will have two openings October 1—I’m also looking for a working student for discounted board.

I am available to travel for clinics.


Katherine Potter

katherinepotterI think I emerged from the womb thinking I was a horse. I spent the first 5 years of my life whinnying and galloping around on all fours or playing with my plastic horse collection (with or without legs). I graduated to drawing horses for the next 15 years – a good foundation for the tools required to be an artist since horses are very difficult to capture accurately and I was obsessed with doing just that! After a month of horse camp in high school, a summer riding my brother’s roommates QH jumper, I finally finagled my way to ownership when I was 21 (by hook and by crook). Poppy taught me so much as we learned together riding the mountain trails of Colorado together. My passion for horses led me to training standardbred race horses for the leading owner on the east coast for several years traveling between NY and FL each season. This was a professional experience that completely prepared me for any training challenges I would face. I raised several foals over the next 15 years, culminating in the breeding of a leased TB mare to the first Swedish Warmblood I ever saw – Flamenco (by Flamingo – an international dressage star under Kyra Kyrklund). My first WB cross was my current mount (Kip)’s dam. I discovered Art2Ride in June 2013 by some internet magic that had me perusing YouTube. I immediately connected with every statement and vision of relaxed training I saw and submitted a video during that first summer when Will offered a free year of videos to his YouTube subscribers. It was only after I won a slot in this competition that I went to his website and read his bio, only to find out he had studied with my dressage God, Nuno Oliveira, who I had been following since the early ’90s through reprinted articles between the dressage masters of the earlier decades in the magazine Dressage and CT (I still have all my copies of this magazine – that’s how impactful these articles were to my education in dressage).

I have worked with many breeds over a 50 year obsession with horses (ponies, arabs, QHs, Appaloosa’s, an ex reiner, standardbreds, TBs, and warmbloods). What I am sure of deep in my being is the efficacy of the Art2Ride classical training – nothing has come close. I am currently re-inventing myself from a 17 year career as a hydrogeologist working as a consultant for Corporate America into an Innkeeper at www.yalemanor.com (a 5-room, 4-yurt Inn located on 10 acres of the east shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of upstate NY). Phase II of this re-invention is the building of an Art2Ride Training Center on the property exclusively offering clinics and trained horses for travelers to experience or to bring their horses to work in the method. Currently, I can travel to barns for clinics.

Katherine Potter
kathpotter57@gmail.com or on Facebook (messenger or other)


Yvon Hoogervorst

yvonhoogervorstYvon has been working with horses as a groom since she was a teenager and started dressage riding when she was 25 years old.

“I have owned and started several young horses in dressage competition up to level 3.

During these years I learned that ‘modern’ dressage training methodes did not really help me in developing my horse and myself as a rider. I also needed to find a training method that would help me to preserve the horse’s physical condition and prevent injuries as much as possible”

In 2012 Yvon started the study “Basic Trainer” at the Neo-Classical School for the Art of Horsemanship (NCSAH) in the Netherlands to lean more about anatomy, biomechanics and classical riding. She graduated in 2013.

In that same year she discovered Art2Ride on the internet.

“I was really surprised and excited what I read about Art2Ride. My study at NCSAH really brought me good things but the Classical Foundation Training was the missing piece of the puzzle in training and riding my own horse and teaching others. I watched all instruction videos on the Art2Ride website and started to work the A2R-way, but I was eager to know more”

In May 2015 Yvon traveled to California to meet Will Faerber and his staff and learn more about the Classical Foundation training method. She had all her questions answered by Will and also got the opportunity to work with one of his horses and show her abilities and understanding how to correctly engage a horse.

“I became his first associate trainer in The Netherlands, which I’m really proud of.

And since that day I successfully teach riders how to develop their horse’s strength, balance, connection and engagement following the Art2Ride Classical Foundation Training.

I truly believe in this system as I have seen positive results with my own horse already. The community is growing and that’s very good news for the horses.’

I’m available for training, teaching and clinics


Yvon Hoogervorst





Carol Darlington

I loved riding horses as a girl over the hills in the California bay area. In high school, I rode hunter/jumper horses. When I had children, I made sure they took riding lessons and eventually had a pony of their own. Later on, I became a student of riding and eventually found dressage. After studying under several different trainers, I saw a short video clip of Will Faerber explaining the correct movement of a horse’s back. This began a transformational journey that sparked a passion for true classical dressage. As I began studying Art2Ride’s classical foundation training, I found the work hugely beneficial for our Paint mare, Sky. I attended clinics and submitted critiques and eventually became certified as an Art2Ride associate trainer. I began helping others learn the method for their horses. I developed patience training Sky, who was ridden upside-down her whole life and had never even used her back properly before. This made any other horse I worked with seem easy. I enjoy helping horses of any age and background to reach their full potential.
I love seeing a horse when it first realizes I am going to allow it to move comfortably for the first time. Once the horse gets there and feels that he can actually use his back and his neck the way he was created to use it, the horse becomes a willing partner in the work. That is what keeps me going and compels me to help as many horses and riders as I possibly can. Learning from the old masters and Art2Ride about classical foundation principles has changed my whole approach. I am convinced that with patience and time this method will help every horse become the best it can be in any discipline. My job is to let people know, so they can help the horses they love too.
You can reach me at: carol@classicalfoundationhorsemanship.com
My website: http://www.classicalfoundationhorsemanship.com
I am based in Lancaster County and Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 17533. Please see my website for lesson and clinic options

Elizabeth Spetschinsky

elizabethFor the last 25 years, I have studied dressage with teachers and trainers (mostly with a “classical” background, e.g. from Saumur and Vienna or having ridden with Oliveira) as well as in books, tapes and DVDs, on horseback, looking at riders in many countries and locations, and have met a great many interesting people in Belgium, France and the U.-K. who were kind enough to share their experience and knowledge with me.
I came across Art2ride 2 years ago and have applied this method with great success with several horses.
I own a small private stable in the South of Belgium where in May 2015 we were lucky to organise a clinic with Will Faerber.
What I like most is helping people and horses understand each other better and work together.
For more information, please contact me by mail (elisabeth.spetschinsky@outlook.be) or on Facebook in the Art2ride group.

Emmeli Johansson

I first started riding at the age of ten and fell in love with the horses and since then wanted to spend all my time with them. Sadly my parents never wanted to buy me a pony so I had to settle for the local riding school. But I loved it and could stay in the barn for hours just brushing the horses. My dream was clear, I wanted to have a big black horse just like Black Beauty from the books and I wanted to gallop bareback cross the fields. But as I grew up I still didn’t have the money to have my own horse instead I was riding other people’s horses.

When I was 19 I went to America for a summer as a camp counsellor teaching horseback riding at a pleasure farm. My dream horse changed then and there and went from a big black horse to an appaloosa. I learned a lot of new things about horses that I really liked but I also saw a lot of things that I didn’t like.

When I found art2ride it was like coming home. I finally felt like this was something that I could be proud to be a part of. I can now teach others another way of training horses a way that feels good for the both of you.

I am now the owner of a cold blooded harness trotter named Musse. Musse is a very hard headed, stubborn horse but with the help of art2ride he is transforming into a really nice dressage horse. Soon you will be able to follow my training with my new horse on the art2ride youtube channel.

I am available for lessons near Borlänge were I am based and all the way up to Sundsvall (since I visit Sundsvall a couple times a year)

You can reach me at eveinamy1@gmail.com Website: http://nouw.com/simpledressage



Karli Starman

I began riding around age 12 and grew up showing hunters and jumpers in the Alberta (Western Canada) area. My passion was the equitation division and after I aged out of the CET Medal I took a short break and transitioned to training dressage. I did a bit of preliminary showing, but at the same time began education as an Equine Therapist through the BC College of Equine Therapy following University. I came through this 2 year program and then furthered my equine therapy training through a number of the Equinology courses. Through this education I began to see holes in my riding and went back to basics, learning the fundamentals of groundwork and horsemanship, before returning to a dressage focused program for my horses.

Currently I am still pursuing further education in in the equine therapy field and have my own therapy business; EQ Equine Therapy. Find more information on education and philosophy, as well as a new blog, at www.eqequinetherapy.ca.


In my coaching, I focus on anatomy and biomechanics as the basis for all riding & want to promote horses that are safe, happy and sound for long term careers. I am grateful to I have found this training method that makes sense to both my body and my mind. It is a privilege to be part of the team and help more horses and riders head towards a healthy partnership. As well as the entire Art2Ride team, I lean heavily upon the knowledge of Dr. Deb Bennett, Will Faerber, Manolo Mendez, Josh Nicol, and Dr. Kerry Ridgeway in my riding and teaching.


Karli Starman EST EEBW

karlistaman@shaw.ca | www.eqequinetherapy.ca


Marnie Maciborski


Riding since the age of 8, I knew even then that working with horses was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Growing up showing in all disciplines, spending my youth in 4-H and helping to start young horses at the barn where I boarded my first pony Carizma only solidified my decision. After High School I managed barns until starting my own small facility in Basking Ridge New Jersey where I reside with my friesian mare Eve and my andalusian gelding Charlie. I’ve had many trainers, been to many clinics and completed quite a few apprenticeships. None of which had explained and shown so clearly how to achieve a true partnership by developing a horses strength, balance, connection and engagement like Art2Ride.

For lessons or training contact me at: njhcrep@gmail.com
Or message me via Facebook
Marnie Maciborski

From the Blog!

Join me as I post weekly blogs covering many topics relating to Classical Foundation Training. I have intentionally left out the word "dressage" because many people have a negative association with the prevalent "crank and spank" approach or that it is a sport for only those who are afraid to jump.

Dressage as it is meant to be is an understanding of how to best optimize a horse's movement and ability to carry a rider, surely a benefit for any horse, any discipline. It is also important in maintaining your horse's safety, soundness and sanity.

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