Video Critique: Linda and Regitse Submission 1

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Video Critique: Linda and Regitse Submission 1

San Diego Horse Trainer Will Faerber from Art2Ride discusses the video sent in by Linda and gives suggestions for further improvement.

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  1. Daniela says:

    I often hear Will say something about vets who only want to treat horses with joint injections.
    I am a vet and a physiotherapist myself, and I totally agree with all your theories and ideas. I try to give the same information to people with horses with soundness problems. And the more I look at the problems, the more I see, whats wrong in the whole system. I mean, all this horses have to go on “youngster jumpings” at the age of 4 or 5 years. Nobody is able to give them time for developing, because time is money.
    I do often realize, that people don’t want to hear how bad they train their horses. Even if I explain it with all my background knowings. They want a problem to be solved, and they want it fast. Nobody takes me for serious, if I talk about this two years. Nobody gets it, if I say, you don’t need to canter your horse for training, be satisfied with a good walk and trott. No. Because I never won a price, neither in jumping nor in dressage or something, they think, ok, she’s a good vet, but she has no idea of riding as a sport.
    I just train my old horse (with many soundness problems) with your “method” and I believe she’d never be as fit as she is if I didn’t. But it’s really difficult to convince “modern sportriders” of the importance of the right training.
    Another problem is, that 95% of the horses don’t work over their backs. So, who knows how a well trained horse has to look at all? Nowbody! I see people on horses with downhanging backs, on “Schlaufzügel”, ridden in a fast tempo with a huge wrong forehandactivity and they think this is ok…
    And an FEI judge who dares to critizise LDR and Rollkur gets discharched!
    There is a lack of competent teachers/trainers/judges who dare to say, that in equine training you can’t reach every goal in two or three months.

    What I just try to tell you is, not every vet is keen on making joint injections or prescript pain killers. But sometimes it’s the only way to help the animals with their pain. And thats what people want from the vet. For the training, they have other so called specialists….

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